INNOVATE publication goes over all the projects Ferrovial Agroman has developed within the Horizon 2020 framework, the EU Research and Innovation programme that has contributed to launch and boost innovation in around a dozen of research projects in our company in the past few years.

Together with Javier Royo, Head of Research, Development & Innovation Projects in Ferrovial Agroman, we invite you to discover which were the goals and motivations to join this program and what we have achieved along the way, to learn from the main challenges and to rise up with the great learnt lessons in these years.

But this program is a long distance run, and has involved many colleagues in the company. They shares their thoughts too, and explain what significant contribution the projects have brought to Ferrovial Agroman.

2020, appart from being the final year for these projects – though some of them will be extended for a couple of months- will be the year for heading towards new horizons. We also analyze where Europe is heading to in terms of Research and Innovation, and which is going to be our role, both in our environment and our sector, and where have we set our focus to reach new goals.

Heading towards new horizons… in innovation
Horizon 2020… and beyond