Drones, what now? What’s next?

They took flight some years ago, bringing a “revolution from above” to the construction sector: a change in the way we work and significant advantages in topography, monitoring the advance of construction works, health & safety or logistics… but, have these expectations actually materialized or have they been mere chimeras?

After several years of experimentation, implementation and using drones in our works, this month INNOVATE publication analyses in-depth what this technology has brought for Ferrovial Agroman in the last few years with our drone expert Luis Moratinos from Technical Office, and Isabel Buatas, General Manager of Expodrónica.

We have asked both of them: what were our expectations when we started using drones and which of these goals have we finally achieved? What is the current state (worldwide vision) of drone implementation in Ferrovial Agroman and what can we learn from the most innovative uses in other industries? Which sectors are the most innovative in the adoption of this technology?

Luis and Isabel invite us to reflect and balance the impact of this technology in construction, while we revisit some of our most spectacular constructions… as seen by a drone.