Since 2014, every single month INNOVATE publication has been prepared, published and shared to disseminate knowledge and innovation generated on site and in the departments and companies in Ferrovial Agroman.

This month had been no different. We were just missing filming an interview and finishing off layout and design to be ready to release next Tuesday, as usual. We usually identify risks and mitigate them, or seek for alternatives in any event, in order to bring all our innovators the content. But, this time, COVID19 has been an unexpected event that has irrupted in our lives, maybe because a world pandemic is something you cannot foresee, something that only happens in a sci-fy movie.

In an attempt to surrender- we even posed the question of postponing this month’s issue- we began looking around us, observing what our colleagues were doing (from home, from sites…). Everything IS working! Everyone is trying to collaborate, advice, propose… Many of us are innovating to carry on living in a “different world”. And that is the reason to be of this month’s INNOVATE publication.

We will be bringing you a series of articles with thoughts and personal experiences and voices -all written from colleagues from different areas and with different professional backgrounds- on how this situation has changed the way we work, and how to keep going in this uncertain present. They are the best example of collaboration, and how perseverance and necessity make us more ingenious, more innovative- sometimes coming up with more traditional approaches that put value on the things we have, sometimes it’s about latest technology.

All the articles are written under a common denominator: INNOVATE TO WIN (#innovatetowin). Because, we are definitely going to win.